Athlemixx box and sachet

Running, marathon, cycling, they tried Athlemixx

Performing in sports without digestive disorders

Physical exercise is essential for well-being and health, but you will certainly have already observed how regular or intense exercise can lead to digestive disorders.

This is particularly the case for amateur or professional athletes whose digestive tract undergoes repeated shock waves (running, marathon, trail…).

Running produces a mechanical phenomenon called peristalsis, which consists of muscular contractions of the digestive tract. At the same time, athletes ingest a considerable amount of liquids, often rich in carbohydrates, to hydrate themselves before feeling the need. Finally, in conjunction with any physical effort, the blood flows first and foremost to the stressed muscles at the expense of the gut.

These elements, together with a sometimes altered intestinal wall are responsible for stomach cramps and exercise-related diarrhoea that athletes are well familiar with.

In periods of intensive training or competition, a supplement of probiotics, by strengthening the intestinal barrier, reduces digestive disorders in athletes.

Strategy to strengthen the gut lining

Attack phase: optimal colonisation of the gut

To effectively strengthen the intestinal barrier, it is advisable to initially colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria. For this purpose, it is advisable to take 3 sachets of Athlemixx per day for 10 days (ideally 1 sachet on an empty stomach and 2 at bedtime).

Maintenance phase : optimising the results

Once the gut has been colonised, maintenance treatment is recommended, at a dose of 1 sachet per day (preferably at bedtime) for 30 days.

Sports competition or intensive training: strengthening gut protection

On the eve of sports competition or endurance training: 3 sachets distributed throughout the day.

Day of the competition : 3 sachets to be taken in the morning or diluted in the exercise drink.

Optimal colonisation of the gut is achieved within 2 to 3 weeks. Athlemixx can be taken for as long as is necessary, or in repeated cycles according to the extent and training periods.