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Running, marathon, cycling, they tried Athlemixx

Lactic acid and performance

The lactate level in the blood is related to performance and its intensity.
When the body is subject to physical exertion it must produce as much energy as possible within the shortest possible time, and return to its initial level as quickly as possible.
In the case of exercise of equal intensity, a more experienced athlete will produce a higher amount of lactates.

The amount of lactate, a chemical substance, bears witness to this performance.

The degradation of lactic acid into lactate also produces another chemical element (the proton H+), which itself is responsible for the acidity of the muscle cell, and the «restless legs» syndrome, in connection with a very intense workout.
The most recent research highlights a muscle-gut axis, and the higher amounts of several bacteria in more experienced athletes.
They play a role in the metabolising reactions of lactates, consuming them in order to produce an energy surplus, and therefore participate in physiological processes of muscular recovery.

Running, marathon, cycling, they tried Athlemixx

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