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Frequently Asked Questions

Athlemixx box and sachet

Running, marathon, cycling, they tried Athlemixx

Can I take Athlemixx while running a semi-marathon race?2020-06-24T17:18:01+02:00

Athlemixx can be taken in connection with any intense physical exercise to prevent problems with the digestive system and to reduce the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles.

Can I add Athlemixx to my energy drink?2020-05-05T16:40:14+02:00

As long as the drink has a temperature below 20°, Athlemixx can be added to other specific carbohydrates taken during exercise.

I have problems of diarrhoea during intense exercise. Can I use Athlemixx for prevention?2020-05-05T16:43:19+02:00

Diversifying gut bacteria can reduce the intestinal sensitivity during intense to very intense exercise. A regular intake can be envisaged to eliminate all the symptoms affecting the digestive system.

Can I take Athlemixx with me when I travel to competitions?2020-05-05T16:43:23+02:00

Athlemixx can be stored for up to a week at room temperature (maximum 25 °C) without impairing the product’s qualities. However, try to avoid high temperatures.

Does Athlemixx contain substances that can lead to positive results in doping tests?2020-06-24T17:20:24+02:00

No doping substances are present in the finished product. The intake of Athlemixx has no risks regarding doping tests.

I often suffer from disorders. Can taking Athlemixx help me to decrease the frequency of my respiratory diseases?2023-09-19T11:39:24+02:00

A regular probiotic intake helps to strengthen the body’s immune defences and better combat winter diseases, mycosis and urinary infections.

Why should I take Athlemixx?2020-05-05T16:44:35+02:00

Athlemixx contains a mixture of beneficial bacteria that aim to maintain the specific balance of the intestinal flora.

Which are the 8 strains of Athlemixx?2021-01-18T15:34:36+01:00

Streptococcus thermophilus CNCM I-5570
Bifidobacteria: B. lactis CNCM I- 5571, B. lactis CNCM I-5572
Lactobacilli: L. acidophilus CNCM I-5567, L. helveticus CNCM I-5573, L. paracasei CNCM I-5568, L. plantarum CNCM I-5569, L. brevis CNCM I-5566

Which ingredients does a sachet of Athlemixx contain?2020-06-24T17:20:49+02:00

Each sachet contains 100 billion cfu* of specific live and vital bacteria, maltose, corn starch. Red berry flavour.
* Colony forming units 

How many sachets a day do I need to take?2020-06-24T17:21:42+02:00

From 1 to 3 sachets per day, as needed :

To effectively colonise the gut : 3 sachets per day for 10 days (1 sachet on an empty stomach in the morning, 2 sachets at bedtime).
During maintenance treatment : 1 sachet at bedtime, for 1 month.
On the eve of a sports competition or during endurance training : 3 sachets distributed throughout the day

On the day of the competition : 3 sachets in the morning, diluted in the energy drink.

How to take Athlemixx?2020-06-24T17:22:04+02:00

Open the sachet and mix its contents in 100 ml of non-carbonated water, cold or at room temperature, or apple sauce and ingest immediately

When is it preferable to take Athlemixx?2020-05-05T17:12:43+02:00

It is advisable to take Athlemixx in the evening, at bedtime.

For how long can I take Athlemixx?2020-06-24T17:22:33+02:00

You can take it for as long as necessary, it has no side effects or contraindications and the benefits will be felt over time.

How should I store Athlemixx?2020-06-24T17:23:10+02:00

The bacteria are alive and freeze-dried, it is therefore preferable to keep them refrigerated at a temperature between 2° and 8 °C.

Can I store Athlemixx outside the refrigerator?2020-06-24T17:23:34+02:00

Yes, Athlemixx can be stored for up to a week at room temperature (maximum 25 °C), without affecting its potency. Always avoid high temperatures (> 25 °C).

Do I need a medical prescription for Athlemixx?2020-05-05T17:29:50+02:00

No, Athlemixx is a food supplement and you do not need a prescription to buy it.

Can I take Athlemixx during pregnancy?2020-05-05T17:30:43+02:00

There are no contraindications regarding the intake of Athlemixx during pregnancy. In any case, during pregnancy, you are advised to consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

What should I do if I am on antibiotics?2020-06-24T17:23:58+02:00

Athlemixx can be taken together with other treatments, but it is preferable to take it at least 3 hours away from antibiotics.

Does Athlemixx contain gluten or other allergens?2020-05-05T17:31:39+02:00

Athlemixx does not contain gluten, lactose, soy or milk protein.

Are there any side effects to Athlemixx?2020-06-24T17:24:27+02:00

No side effects have been reported when taking Athlemixx. A sense of bloating can be felt in the first few days of intake, due to the intestinal flora adapting to the new bacteria.






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