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Performing in sports without digestive disorders
Lactic acid and performance
The role of the microbiota in nutrient assimilation
Athlemixx 30 sachets par boîte

No more bowel disorders!

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A healthy microbiota to reach your objectives!

A good performance also depends on your guts, train them too!

Compatible with all types of training and physical preparation

Find serenity and gain confidence!

Achieve your goals without obstacles

How many runners had to give up some training days because of digestive problems? Good news, there is ATHLEMIXX Microbiote Runner now, a mix of 8 highly concentrated bacterial strains to restore a balanced digestive system and normal intestinal transit during, before or after running. Many runners have already tested it during training and competitions, with a feeling of newfound relief and a return to normality.

Regain serenity and the pleasure of running

ATHLEMIXX Microbiote Runner

  • one box of 30 sachets = one full month of training
  • 1 sachet per day in water, yogurt… or in your water bottle
  • during intensive efforts, double the dose

They have already tested Athlemixx, testimonials


Athlemixx is pleased to accompany the Portuguese marathon runner João Paulo Félix who is off for a series of 40 ultramarathons, from July 15 to August 23, 2021. He will run a total of 2203 kilometers to raise awareness on children’s rights.

How fit is he? Last year he ran 1300 km and decided to go for one more marathon at the end of his challenge!