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The role of the microbiota in nutrient assimilation

During physical exertion, the body draws on its reserves of vitamins and mineral salts. The ability to mobilise these supplies affects sports performance and differs from one individual to another.

Once again, the gut plays a role in the absorption, distribution and storage of vitamins and mineral salts. It enables vitamin synthesis and is, for example, the only gateway for dietary iron, which carries oxygen in the blood and is essential for athletes.

When the gut lining becomes too fragile, the absorption of food, vitamins and mineral salts does not take place and the nutrients are eliminated before being properly assimilated by the body.

This leads to deficiencies that are harmful to both health and sports performance. Cramps and lack of stamina are therefore sometimes linked to poor absorption.

By strengthening the microbiota, we can contribute to the improvement of the assimilation of nutrients that is paramount for well-being and sports practice.