Trailcup 2023 events: "Microbiota and probiotics in athlete’s diet"

Prof. Gino Santini

Trailcup 2023 events: “Microbiota and probiotics in athlete’s diet”

That physical activity is good for the mind and the body is well known. But not only for that. The microbiome would also seem to be affected, and “to increase its benefits, supplementation of probiotics in the diet of athletes is becoming more and more common,” declares Professor Gino Santini introducing probiotics and all that it entails into the diet of athletes and performance optimization.

Among the Trailcup 2023 events, emerging in the ‘Nutrition and Health’ section was the event “Microbiota and probiotics in the diet of athletes: how to improve sports performance and recovery of strength by also taking care of our gut” conducted by Prof. Gino Santini, Scientific Director of IHMS, Institute of Homeopathic Medicine Studies.

“If intense and prolonged, exercise can lead to gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, supporting good gut function and immune system activity is important to prevent gut disorders but also infections especially in upper respiratory tract. A healthy microbiota with the use of specific probiotics is essential for athlete’s performance and recovery.” states the Professor.

This and many others were the topics covered in the question-and-answer session at the premises of ASD Atletica Palombara in Palombara Sabina (Rome) together with Athlemixx Microbiote Runner: see you at the next event!

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