The ATHLEMIXX team: Cadme Parra Mesias Octavio & Anna Rita Viotti

ATHLEMIXX team on the podium


Even the rain couldn’t stop the enthusiasm at the Trail della Liberazione: so begins the ‘TrailCup 2024’ circuit, which with its first stage opens the doors to its third edition!

Corvaro – Borgorose (RI) hosted the Trail and Ultra race which, together with its athletes, not only made the first event of the season possible, but also demonstrated the passion and sportsmanship that have distinguished them for many years in collaboration with Uisp Rieti.

As we like to remind you, the TrailCup was created to promote Trail Running through various events and the beauty of the territories that host them, but the good atmosphere of healthy competitiveness is the prerogative that emerges within this organization. The result? New dates and circuits have been introduced.

Cadme Parra Mesias Octavio - Athlemixx-runner

Mesias Octavio Cadme Parra

The Athlemixx team believes in all this and is once again sponsoring the various stages this year. We continue to support our athletes who are achieving wonderful results and winning top places: just congratulate the magnificent Cadme Parra Mesias Octavio and the unstoppable Anna Rita Viotti who keep opting for Athlemixx!

But even your sporting performance can reach levels you never thought possible, if you do things right: put yourself to the test and take up the challenge with Athlemixx.

Are you ready for an exciting new season?