João Paulo Félix, the adventure keeps going on in 2021

Running for a good cause 2203 KM in 40 days with Athlemixx microbiotics!

«Volta a Portugal a Correr 2021 » is the new aim of João Paulo Félix who is returning this year for a 2203 km race in 40 days to raise awareness about children’s rights.

Each day will be a stage of about 55 km and a challenge for this athlete who is crossing Portugal with motivation, perseverance and Athlemixx in his effort drink.

Let’s give him a warm welcome during his stages and share his run to support this wonderful cause.

2203 km in 40 days!
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João Paulo Félix, born in Foros de Salvaterra in Portugal, recently set out to run 1250 kilometres around Portugal to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence and at the same time pay tribute to the health professionals who are fighting the pandemic. At the end of a 25-day race, João Paulo arrived in Lisbon on the 12th August and ran a total of 1301 km. This was not the first time, he had run for charitable causes and incredibly enough the city of Abrantes marked a milestone of his 5,000 kilometres run for charitable causes.

This 50-year-old ultramarathoner has already run the Volta ao Ribatejo (Ribatejo Ultra Race, 320 km) and completed the National Route 2 (739 km), among many other adventures along national and foreign roads, and embraces all his challenges with the same joy as if it were his first kilometre.

João Paulo Félix is a sociologist by profession, and he decided to put on his jersey, shorts and trainers and set out to run 1250 kilometres around Portugal to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence and at the same time pay homage to the health professionals who have been on the front line to alleviate and fight the dramatic pandemic that has been plaguing us in recent months.

He considers that what he does is part of his professional work and, by running, he feels that he also contributes to his qualification, both as a man and as a sociologist.

The achievement: a marathon each day for 25 days in a row

In 25 days, João Paulo Félix completed the 25 stages he had planned, representing 25 Ultra Marathons, for a total of 1301 kilometres, 51 kilometres more than he had originally calculated. From Faro to Lisbon, he passed through 63 municipalities and 14 districts, before reaching his goal, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisbon on Saturday August 12th.

Following his progress on Facebook and other social networks, we see a very outgoing, smiling person which seemingly show no sign of the fatigue, as would be expected for someone who runs around 50 kilometres per day. He set up on his journey at the beginning of August and always ran under extreme heat with temperatures sometimes hovering above 40 degrees, his strategy was to start running very early, since the tar heats up quickly, badly affecting the skin and heating up his feet with risks of dehydration.

He runs for pleasure and this pleasure does not cause him pain despite the dozens of miles he runs every day. At the end of each stage, his peace of mind and joy mirror the pleasure he feels in running for good causes which are dear to him. João Paulo gives us a strong example of what a man can achieve when he has a purpose that goes beyond his self-interest, finding the right motivation, an objective, a determination and to find a sense of purpose in life.

Many friends who share the same passion for running and good causes joined him at various stages of his race to share the experience of running a few kilometres along his side for the friendly company and for his good cause. For João, running is just that: a family party. And what a joy we see in his eyes when he talks about it!

When good friends join the good cause

And on August 12th, here is our amazing João Paulo arriving in Lisbon, always with the same big smile on his face, as if he had just started his race around the corner, to celebrate the completion of yet another amazing achievement.

Ormendes is proud to have given support to João Paulo during this fantastic experience and stands by his side on raising awareness on domestic violence. Our product Athlemixx was part of this experience, giving beneficial lactic acid bacteria for improved intestinal comfort, better performance by reducing the production of lactic acid and alleviating cramps and fatigue.