Anna Rita Viotti

588 times thank you!

The Athlemixx Trophy concludes the final stage of the second edition of the TrailCup Millenium Trail Monte Gennaro 2023 in Palombara Sabina (RM), which exceeded the maximum number of entries and the total number of participants beyond all expectations!

It was an exciting race in which so many man and woman athletes took part, and we, Team Athlemixx, together with Gare Podistiche Lazio, wanted to be part of it as sponsors.

An event that will be crowned with the awards ceremony – thanks as always to ASD Atletica Palombara that makes all this possible – and which, on the sporty and sunny morning of November 26, also saw our athlete Cadme Parra Mesias Octavio Octavio occupy the top spots in the Men’s Absolute Ranking. As always, we are happy and proud to accompany and represent athletes within such a path: you, first and foremost, are the demonstration of a high quality probiotic, designed to maintain an equally high quality of life.

Unmissable energy and skill of our super athlete Anna Rita Viotti who chose Athlemixx and proves time after time her great passion for the sport by achieving impeccable results!

We believe in the benefits of sports and the well-being of a gut (and beyond) ready to face any challenge. Even the next event in the TrailCup 2024 circuit!

Mesias Cadme