‘PEDALATIUM 2022’: Gran Fondo Città di Pontecorvo

Athlemixx gets back on the saddle in the ‘Pedalatium 2022’ circuit and is a sponsor in the splendid Gran Fondo race of the city of Pontecorvo (FR).

This was the official kick off of the Lazio Gran Fondo Cycling championship covering all Gran Fondo races in the Lazio region, with the exception of the Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila in Abruzzo.

We are proud to participate and support athletes and sportsmen who, with a desire to challenge themselves, undertake (on two wheels) races of this kind, espousing our philosophy of health and sports.

An event that literally comes to life in the hearts of fans since “it is not just a simple sport. In cycling no one ever loses, everyone wins in their own small way: those who improve, those who are never tired, those who grit their teeth, those who don’t give up, those who never lose heart, those who never feel alone.”

So all that remains is to train for the next stages!

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