The Athlemixx team at the prize ceremony


We have officially reached the second stage of the Trail Cup 2023 circuit and once again the Athlemixx Team could not miss it as a sponsor, together with Gare Podistiche Lazio!

Our athletes tackled the Gran Sasso Trail – organized by ASD Atletica Palombara and Petruzzi Runners Teramo ASD – taking home a third place in the men’s overall ranking and a fourth place in the women’s overall ranking. Mesias Cadme and Annarita Viotti efforts during the 10,200 km D+ 500 m start in Prati di Tivo (Teramo) have been rewarded.

The podium for Annarita Viotti

All this is the sporting environment of healthy competition where you too can challenge yourself and at Athlemixx we know it! Your sports performance can reach levels you never knew you could achieve, you need to set your mind to it, listen to your body and start taking Athlemixx.

And now on to the next stage: the Trail Road to Maenza on October 15, 2023!

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