Athlemixx box and sachet

Running, marathon, cycling, they tried Athlemixx

Endurance and recovery

Turn your microbiota into your training’s best ally

It is now widely recognized that physical exercise is one of the key pillars of good health. There is no longer need, in fact, to demonstrate the healthy effects of working out on obesity, the cardiovascular system or stress management.

As a sportsperson, you are certainly aware of how beneficial physical exercise and keeping fit is for your well-being and you experience the pleasure of performing and pushing your limits further. But perhaps you are also aware of some inconveniences that accompany regular sports practice.

The immune system of high-performance athletes is often weakened and digestive problems can arise due to extreme effort. Several scientific studies show that the microbiota plays an important role in these disorders.

Fortunately, there are solutions for fully enjoying sports while ensuring performance.

Athlemixx, a special blend of bacteria, is a microbiotic food supplement containing a combination of 8 different strains of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, which aim is to maintain gut flora balance and restore the intestinal barrier functions.

Athlemixx is a high quality microbiotic.
The strains used in Athlemixx are identified and registered at the DSMZ Institute in Germany.