Our great athlete Mesias Cadme won the first place at Cesano Urban Trail Night 2023: a 12-kilometer competitive trail at night, on a mixed course, through the alleys of the village of Cesano and the Rigo Woods. Indeed, the love of nature in natural reserves and the sporting spirit of the event also reached this 2023 edition in Cesano in which Mesias Cadme and Annarita Viotti participated, together with Athlemixx, with excellent results.

Athlemixx runners

Anna-Rita and Mesias in the Athlemixx colours

The Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Roma Ecomaratona is an association with the purpose of the development and dissemination of the activity of Athletics and in particular running in natural environments and sports activities related to them. “The strategies of our Association identify the new frontiers of running that change the approach of an athlete and the organization of sporting events, no longer primarily related to competition and the result, but also to feeling one with the territory and the natural environment itself.”

The night trail we all felt the need for … exists!

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