Project Description

Geoffrey, semi-professional cyclist

I am a semi-professional cyclist and I have been competing for the last 10 years.
I am really pleased to have a food supplement that brings a real boost to my performance thanks to a better assimilation of the nutrients, and especially a better digestive comfort on a daily basis, without stomach aches or discomfort connected with the intensity of my high-level sport practice.

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João Paulo Félix, ultramarathonian2020-10-12T15:54:59+02:00
Geoffrey, semi-professional cyclist2020-06-24T17:14:42+02:00
Florence, runner2020-06-24T17:15:05+02:00
Sergio, high-level athlete2020-06-24T17:13:44+02:00
Sofia, marathon preparation2020-06-24T17:16:10+02:00